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eventful day… not! :P

Thursday, May 17th, 2001

why do i even bother going to work? they never give me anything to do so all i do is sit around doing absolutely nothing :(

Anyway, on the plus side, ordered a new 128meg memory stick for the camera (yes, that is over 400 photos on one stick!) so hopefully the gallery will become massive with the amounts coming on and ordered my new sony phones, which will make cueing up a lot easier :)
Went to wimbledon at about 4ish and basically, well, like, i was just walking out the centre court, when i realised i was in between two massive groups (we’re talking 100-150 people here), just carry on through (i ain’t gonna stop!) when suddenly there is this huge roar and they are running at each other! throwing each other into the road and kicking and punching and stuff! wow! police and stuff, the lot :)
Made me think, i’m gonna go with my ambition to take up taekwondo or summit as they were vicious!

Nan’s birthday :D so had to go round for tea, but left part way through to pick up my new phone, the panasonic coloured thing, cool! now i can send borka musical texts :)

Oh, and finished the coding for my friends, now i just need to put them on :) hahaha….

Might tidy up a bit cause gowry coming to stay, so i suppose it should be as clean as can be for her…. or maybe she should just do it…. :D

never went in the end….

Thursday, June 1st, 2000

from when i last wrote….

Chow mein supernoodles for lunch, nothing special there :)
Went to the bank to pay in a cheque i had just got in the post, when we realised that the time was 4:30, meaning we only had 30 mins to get to the town hall.

Walking quickly there, so as not to ruin dads chance of a job and got the form in. Managed to get stuck in the door on the way out (don’t ask!) so looked a bit of an idiot!

The lift for that place is tiny, although they claim you can fit up to 9 people in it! Now me and my brother definately ain’t the largest of people and you would have a lot of trouble getting 9 of us in there!

Went up to college again, yeah i know it’s sad, going into work on my days off, but the machines are just so fast (may even go again tomorrow!!!) where we met up with zak (although he had work, hahahahah! :P) and then of course went up to play Quake. :mad:
Lawrence turned up at about 6:30 thinking Cisco was on :) had to explain it wasn’t on during the holidays…. hahah, but he stayed anyway, and kept killing me in quake :(
Stayed until 8:20ish, when i had to leave to go to nans for tea (i ain’t been for ages u’know). quickly saw cheryl on the way (i know we don’t go out anymore, but i was still sad when the bus came and i had to go).

Ummm, not a lot else, had one of my domains re=enabled, got a bit of business mail (hahah, business indeed :D) and am just chillin’ to some house/trance.

I got to sleep sooo late last night, just hope i can sleep by about one tonite…. oh well… :cool: