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updated all my sites, and watched films

Friday, June 2nd, 2000

Oh, almost the last day of my holiday today (tomorrow is) and boy will i miss it.

Managed to set an alarm today which woke me at 10am, although switched it off and went back to sleep until 11:45, it was nice sleep, so warm and cosy :)
Woke up and did some admin to my main site to get it working with the new domain extention, and then checked out everything else was working.

Got lunch at around 2, had a cheese and tomato pizza, which was actually rather horible! :P Euch!

Then went up to my room to watch the Assassin on DVD, one of my most favourite films, you know, the one with Bridget Fonda and Harvey Cartel. The cleaner bloke is spooky, especially when he puts the acid on people :(
Started to download Quake II (my poor machine here wouldn’t handle much else, but cut it off when i realised it was over 39 meg :D
Went to cheryl’s for tea, mmmm, chicken gougans, which were most delicious, however not enough were cooked… take note mrs m :D and then did the usual routine of watching eastenders, bill and friends.

Oh, actually, did get to look at marc’s copy of the FHM worlds 100 sexiest women, which did perk up my day :) As expected (and i definately know why) Jennifer Lopez came number one, although Cheryl says she “ain’t all that!”, poor girl, must be really screwed in the head :):D:P

Am looking into the type of content that can go on which is gonna be my guide to the local area, difficult picking all the sections and such, never mind i will succeed, probably start it tomorrow!

Now just about to log off and go watch some TV, hopefully will be able to sleep tonite and not way into tomorrow morning :D
nite nite all, sweet dreams……. :P

never went in the end….

Thursday, June 1st, 2000

from when i last wrote….

Chow mein supernoodles for lunch, nothing special there :)
Went to the bank to pay in a cheque i had just got in the post, when we realised that the time was 4:30, meaning we only had 30 mins to get to the town hall.

Walking quickly there, so as not to ruin dads chance of a job and got the form in. Managed to get stuck in the door on the way out (don’t ask!) so looked a bit of an idiot!

The lift for that place is tiny, although they claim you can fit up to 9 people in it! Now me and my brother definately ain’t the largest of people and you would have a lot of trouble getting 9 of us in there!

Went up to college again, yeah i know it’s sad, going into work on my days off, but the machines are just so fast (may even go again tomorrow!!!) where we met up with zak (although he had work, hahahahah! :P) and then of course went up to play Quake. :mad:
Lawrence turned up at about 6:30 thinking Cisco was on :) had to explain it wasn’t on during the holidays…. hahah, but he stayed anyway, and kept killing me in quake :(
Stayed until 8:20ish, when i had to leave to go to nans for tea (i ain’t been for ages u’know). quickly saw cheryl on the way (i know we don’t go out anymore, but i was still sad when the bus came and i had to go).

Ummm, not a lot else, had one of my domains re=enabled, got a bit of business mail (hahah, business indeed :D) and am just chillin’ to some house/trance.

I got to sleep sooo late last night, just hope i can sleep by about one tonite…. oh well… :cool:

finally all accounts are working again

Wednesday, May 31st, 2000

well, its the end of the day and i can happily say that all hosting accounts are now reworking, and my grief and worry has ended :) whew!

Went into work with my brother to play Quake III on the fast machines there over the inet, and stayed for a few hours just shooting :D
Walked back which took absolutely ages, jumped a few fences (don’t ask) and really just chilled for the rest of the night :)
Not much action then… maybe some more tomorrow eh :D