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am recovering from cheryls present… almost there!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2000

first day going to college with me upgraded bike, which was lucky as i didn’t get going until about 10 to 9.

Normally, this would mean i would be late, but oh no, not today! i got in to college (yeah i know i should say work) in a minute 10 minutes, which is amazing. (bear in mind it used to take 20 mins minimum!! :D).

Cisco was still going on this week, but decided against it and just hung out in the network office talking to derrick about the next load of football matches :)
Day… internet, rest, internet, rest etc etc with my only bit of work being installing Windows 2000 on one of the new machines, the one which zak had forgotton the password to :lol:

Went down the bank after lunch to pay in a cheque and the money i had got from the hd yesterday, but also to get zak a chipmunk :D from mcdonalds.

Back at school, it was club time, so more internet and lazing about, woo hoo!

Heard this really cool song on the box - Freestyler by the Bomfunk MC’s, so just downloaded it from Audiofind, man it is a cool tune, nice bass :):D

Cheryl gave me a cuddly ‘Genga’ which i am dead pleased about, and have put it in pride of place next to Pikachu (i AM NOT TOO OLD FOR THAT!!!), he looks dead scary in the dark! hehehehehehe…..

Oh, good news, Jennifer Lopez has split with puffy (arogant bastard he is, HA! :P) so i am now back in with a chance. Zak keeps saying she is gay, but hey, i don’t care, i just hope she releases some pictures :) :) :) :lol:

Anyway, I don’t intend to stay on the computer too long today (which is why i am writing this now), so i will go off, maybe subscribe to FHM and get my free lopez book :P
So long people, sleep rox, i rox, hurrah! :P

feeling all nasty and sweaty at the mo, need a shower :)

Monday, June 26th, 2000

Heya all, so how has my weekend been then? Well, generally OK really, a bit lazy, but cost a lot of money :) i shall explain…..

Still had all the cd’s to make for the cisco course today, which means the machines are tied up for around 1 hour at a time, meaning i had lots of spare time :) Had to write Cheryl’s card during lunch as i was meeting her afterwards, oh yeah, its her Birthday today, now a (not so) innocent 19 year old possum :) As a treat (it’ll seem weird) she paid for ME to go to Nandos for lunch, which was really nice, but I had to explain I had not been able to get her present, so we would have to get it tomorrow (sat). She was OK about this, and even more extatic when I told her what it was….. She left at around 3:30 to go meet her work chums (yeah, she was out with them tonite) she keeps deserting me, i think she has found someone else :( (hehe, joking!!!!). Anyway, that just left me to go back to work, and then home to watch much tv :(
Was supposed to get ready all early to go up tcr to get cheryl’s birthday present, which was hopefully one of those little MP3 Portable Players, but all did not go to plan, and we didn’t get up there until 2pm. (although a good point, my Tango Battery Powered Megaphone did arrive!) Took my old harddisk into the computer exchange to get money for the ‘player, and then went off to find one whilst it got checked (they check and test all hardware before buying it). We did go to the computer fair, paid £1 tio get in and left about 3 mins later!!! :D
Coudn’t do much else until i had got the cash from the exchange though, so went back, guess what, NO FLIPPIN CASH :( got really pissed off then and almost argued our heads off (with each other). However, decided what the fuck, lets get your present. We had seen it for £179 somewhere but couldnt remember where (cheryl was gonna pay £60 towards it) so we went looking.

Found it eventually (but wanted to barter it down, needed a plan), so i asked how much, £179 we were told, hmm we go, so it wasn’t here where it was, ‘what do you mean’ asks the store guy, ‘how much did you see it for?’ - ok, so do we, yeah :) ‘£170′ i say, the store guy thinks (he’s actually amazed), asks his mate, ‘how will you pay’ - ‘cash’ - ‘then OK’ he says!!

Woo hoo! So we got it for £170 :D meaning I could let Cheryl off the saved £9, meaning she just put £50 in, instead of £60. She was dead happy with it, and it is a really nice player.

Went back to her house, to see if she would feel any better in wanting to go out, nope, her feet still hurt, so we ordered in a Chinese Takeaway. I must admit, i was a bit miffed, cause it meant i missed my monthly Camden (i ain’t been clubbing for about 3 weeks now :(:(:() but i couldnt really go and leave her. Left at about 11 and got home to watch lots of tv, sleep at about 2.30.

TOday, woo hoo! Woke up at 10 (must be my earliest ever) but didn’t get up until about 10:45, cause i was watching the ‘Darling Buds Of May’ - mmm, catherine zeta jones :P Decided i would cycle up to tcr to get the money for the hd, so set off with my music happily banging along in my ear :)
Cool, i was happy (especially as my bike has had a complete refit, thnx mum!!) until i got to clapham common when the flipping batteries run out :( btw, clapham common is about 3 mins away :) but i couldn’t be bothered to go home.

Went the most insane route to tcr, going through Pimlico, Victoria, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square before I finally got there 1 HOUR later!! (it normally takes about 30 mins). ANyway, got the money for the HD so was happy and set off back.

Took a wrong turn again and ended up in Vauxhall. Decided i would go check out the Elephant and Castle (Seeing as i (hopefully) will be living/studying there next year) so cylced up there, took about 10 mins.

Also, i wanted to time it to Waterloo, so cycled there (carefully following the signs!) and then walked back, i was actually pretty happy as it only took a mere 11 minutes! This is good for next year, although for getting home, the tube is the much better option.

OK, so i was now back at the elephant, now to walk to vauxhall i thought. Bloody hell was that a mistake! Took a totally wrong turn and ended up in Waterloo (25 mins walk this time, so twisty!) Walked back for AGGGGESSS, until i found out where i was, i was miles out (well about 2) so got back on me bike, :P yeah i cheated!! hehehe, stopped off at the petrol station to get some donuts.

From Vauxhall, it was easy to get back, just a straight run, past the NTL building, Battersea DOgs Home, and then straight to Wandsworth roundabout before cheryls house.

Was quite tired, so watched the bill until 5 when the footie come on. Holland vs Portugal (me having £13 on Holland to win), WOW what a game! in the end it was 6-1 to holland! Klivert scoring 4 goals! hhhhooolllaaannddd!!

Marc and Mrs M came in during the game (i think) and it was quite amusing shouting through my Tango Megaphone for the rest of the night.

Had to leave at 8 cause Cheryl was out on the town again, and my dinner was ready. Got home, and was debating whether to put a bet in the France vs Spain match, but decided it was gonna be too close.

Man was the match good, France were winning 2-1 (only just) but at 89:34 (or summit) Spain had managed to get it back, well, they had a penalty. Rual steps up……. AND KICKS IT OVER?!?!? :D How can that happen, in the last minute a sign from god, and he squandered it?!?! Anyway, that was it, Spain were out (and if i had bet i would have won :()

Need to recharge my phone and minidisc now, plus quickly have a shower before i get shouted at. If i have forgotton anything, i will add it tomorrow, nite all!

grrr… c&w better get their act sorted out :mad:

Tuesday, June 20th, 2000

Hmph, I get home yesterday and pick up my phone to the sound of…. nothing! Seems that all my area has packed in (and still wasn’t working this morning) despite assurances it would be ok by 10pm. So, if people are waiting for replies for email, hopefully tonite will be ok.

Anyway, this cisco is actually a blast, I just hide in the other room not doing anything and get paid :) This is better than when i normally just hide in a room and get paid :lol:

Last night I had to try and fit some new brake blocks cause mine where totally mashed, although all we (i did it with me dad) managed to do was lock it totally so the brakes were too good :lol:. Sorted it eventually though (not before i had to go down the road with no front or back brakes :))

I had intended to respond to my mail, but due to no phone, i just watched tv for the rest of the night. Summer ‘99 Uncut was pretty good, hopefully it’ll be like that for us when we go out there :D
They had a load of paratroopers on who weren’t wearing any pants :( And they kept flashing :(:(, which, come to think about it, was actually quite funny :D
So hot last night, i left the fan on to give me some air, and funny enough, woke up cold :D Hehe, had to wear same t-shirt as yesterday (the cisco one) as it is my weeks uniform, will ask for another a bit later on.

This diary will get so much more interesting when I go uni, cause atm you can just see i am a bit of a lazy bastard :D woop woop! :lol:

i am now starting out in the real world :D cisco here i come

Monday, June 19th, 2000

well, today has been quite eventful (eventually) as i have been the cisco technician for the training going on here. Basically, i sit in the room making sure all the computers are running ok, showing people about peer2peer networking, and screwing up how to plug in network cards :D
Got a message today from Martika, seems she is back and well…

Hey there Martika!!

Anyay, yesterday was a lazy enough day, up at 11 to get ready for fathers day. Was a bit pissed off cause i had stayed up to watch the ‘lusty latina’s’ on tv until around 2am :D Still trying to work out the definition of ‘latina’, oh and btw, it wasn’t a porn flick :) just tasteful topless :D :lol:

We went over the common to the pub there for a meal for dads’ fathers day thing, where the food was nice, beef, but WAAAAAAAAAY too much vegetables :) I left most cause i hate em! Even the waitress said ‘oh be a good boy and eat all your greens’ hehehe…. maybe just for her ;) :P
After this, me and tom went down clapham junction to try and find a frisbee, not such a hard task you would think…. WRONG!

We spent around half an hour going through all the shops, but jsut couldn’t find one, so in the end had to plump for scatch (which didnt even stick :().

Anyway, it was soooooo hot, and on the way up to the common we started to regret the idea, especially when we say cheryl and marc hadn’t brought the water (although she did redeem herself by getting one from the garage). Once on the common in the shade though, i was happy :D
There was a group of, hmm, 12 year olds up in the dog free zone, who seemed to be having the most violent game of footie i’ve ever seen, they even turned on tom and marc for a mass rumble (i stayed well clear :)) and we ended up playing with them for a bit.

Got home at about 7 to fix my bike tyre, well put a new one on, but had to go at about 7:40 with haroon to try and fix someones computer (which in the end took 3 hours, but did earn me £20… woo hoo!) so got home at about 10:40 (ish) missing my shower, but with the smell of food in the air, who am i to complain :)
Sleep, pah! Was watching tv until about 12:40 (i know, i know) so finally got off a bit later than that. Any more, and i will die of the heat, if i remember anything, i’ll tell u later….

nothing ever happens to me :( I WANT MORE ACTION!!! :lol:

today was okay ;)

Thursday, May 25th, 2000

Whew! What a day, i can’t say there was much work to do, but I was dreading having to look after some of the year 7’s, luckily it never had to happen. :)
Nah, did some video conferencing with Spain, the sound is sooo, dodgy, but yolanda is well pleased with it, so thats good :cool:.

Cisco wasn’t on :P but only found out after I had shelled out for my dinner, so was a bit annoyed about that, i need the money, anyway, then got TOTALLY soaked on the way home, with flippin’ bike spray up me back :(
Whoah, this tune I am listening to is sooooo cool, Speechless by Pedro & Benno a most excellent track, got it here on ’21st Century Trance’ only cost £9.99 at Ourprice, woo hoo!

Can’t write too much now, as I’ll just bore you :eek: so i’ll be orf, but back regular whenever anything interesting happens!