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haven’t written for a while, been doing other things

Thursday, July 13th, 2000

sheesh, as it gets near to the end of my time here at the college, i wonder what next year will be like, kinda worries me, no secure money coming in, no house yet confirmed :(
Anyway, holiday soon (less than a month!) which should really cheer me up, especially with my new bright yellow trousers! hehe, the GAP sale is cool, down from £45 to £13! hurrah!

Sorted out the email finally as well, and just in the process of regging the name, i got the approved status, so should get a nice £250 out of it (£150 profit mind) which will pay for the new laptop (for the company of course :))

Brighton trip next week, thursday to friday and only £35, i missed last years (which i really regretted) so wasn’t gonna make the same error this time, and then when i get back, its the next Mind Over Matter at camden (yeah, who cares thats when my parents get back! I NEED TO GO!!!)

Actually, with my parents being away, it makes me a lot more careful and thorough with everything i do, it helps cheryl has come round a few times and reminds me (and drinks all the orange juice! :P) which is nice.

Hmm, just realised, i ain’t heard from martika for ages now, hope she’s alright, last i heard she was stressed :( cheer up gal! must be all over now (or maybe thats where she is!!!)

Not sure whether to do karaoke tonite (every thurs) i think i won’t so i can see cheryl (as i wont see her next week) and give some cod :) :eek:
OK, so now i just sit back, work on the iadt site (perhaps) hope the dom reg goes through and buy me laptop… lifes great for a high up exec!

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