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i’ll give it a go, but i don;t like it :)

Monday, September 24th, 2001

yes, here i am, still at kingston, i’ve been persuaded to give it a month or so before i give up. went to first workshop today after changing groups, better, but still hated it.

i’m hoping its just because i am tired and not in the right frame of mind, as i’m skipping a lecture now, just not in the mood.

i know it will get better, just need to get my swing as it were, but i can’t help but feel i’d be more happy on a training course and then going straight into a job.

however, i’ve siad i’ll test it, so i will. tomorrow is programming essentials, which should be a lot better, at least i HOPE its a lot better as thats my motivation.

hopefully i can do a borka and never do anything and still get through ;)
anyways, almost finished putting all my 140 something holiday photos online, so you can go and see millions of pix of us :)
now off to buy some paper and pens and things, then go see gow 4 lunch…. what a hard life huh? ;)