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Physical activity - me? No way?!?

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Yes, shock horror - I have actually started a new physical activity, which means I now have something else to add to my list of “things I do in Taiwan” (this now joins “going to Subway” … haha)

Some of you might remember that whenever I go on holiday anywhere, I always love to play on the “hoops”. You know the games at the arcade where the aim is just to toss a basketball into a ring. Each basket gets you X points and you just keep throwing until the time runs out.

Well, basketball is very popular here in Taiwan - so I thought I’d give it a go myself. However, up at the park, it soon became obvious that throwing into a hoop that’s a few feet in front of you is very different to trying to get the sucker into a hoop a few feet HIGHER than you… thus my time in the park was spent looking like a bit of an ass… hehe..

However (and not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post) - the other day when exploring our tower block, I actually found a basketball hoop (complete with super small “court”) up on our roof! Now admitedly this was no-where near full on court status (it’s in a little room as it were, with the hoop only being about 5 feet off the ground) - however it’s a start, and a good place for me to practise until I’m ready to go back to the park … hurrah!

I present, our “court”!

Our “court” hoop  Our “court”

Nic, huh? :) (you don’t have to answer that) - I even went and bought myself a nice new blue ball for the princely sum of £6.50 - taking this seriously me … haha

On another, completely unrelated note - went out to the movies again tonight. Stopped off first at this great Italian Coffee Shop style place called Lavazza which is nicely styled and offers great food (delicious pastas, fantastic quiches and amazing cakes) and also wonderful pots of fruit tea! A whole meal with tea and desert comes to about £4 - bargain! It would be great to call our “couple place” - though sadly Ting-Ying has been there before with boyfriends since ex’d - shame… ah well!

After this, we jumped across the street back to MTV - with the movie of choice this time being “Vacancy” - a horror(?)/thriller set out in a creepy motel - well worth watching I think, so I won’t spoil anything here! When the movie finished I was genuinely happy - even then realised I hadn’t drunk my free tea (which means I must have been properly into the film proceedings!)

A very pleasant day methinks :) Just need to try and get to bed now, fed up of always sleeping at 5am :cry: