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look before you leap

Tuesday, May 30th, 2000

had a rotten morning, after being woken up at 11 by the phone, i then have had to put up with the incompetence of fasthosts for the last few hours, one of my sites has gone down (i may have mentioned it yesterday) but have only just (and just about) got it back up and working. :( :mad: :angry:

I feel really bad for the guy, as it was his opening week this week!! They still owe money as well, maybe i should disable the site until they pay :D
Anyway, now it seems to be working, i am going to take my loan app to the council, and pick up my dads form, well, as soon as the pizza has cooked anyway :)
lets hope that when i get back, the site is still working….

sleep, films, tv, sleep…. my life!

Tuesday, May 30th, 2000

Got a bit carried away last night watching the tv, and didn’t lay my little head to rest until about 4am :) however, this did prove that those lightsticks were 12hours, as they were still lighting up the room even then!!

Woke up around 11:45ish but didn’t get up until way later as there was a marathon session of pikachu (pokemon) on :D, yeah i know i’m a bit old for that, but its just a cool show :)
Turmoil when i did get up though, one of my domains has stopped working, well, been terminated as it (APARENTLY) went over 3gig of bandwidth traffic in ONE DAY?! and another has just stopped working for no aparent reason. rang the providers. but their phone line has been discontinued or summit :angry:

To get over this, met up with cheryl and rented out ANOTHER dvd! i still have all these vouchers you see, ‘Analyse This’, which was actually quite a good film, watched this whilst eating a very nice roast dinner (Well done mum :))

Also went to MCD’s to get one of those new McFlurry things (yeah i had also got one last nite, but they are soo nice :)) which is basically icecream with smarties, but put in a like mincing machine so it grinds it all together. The c/j homeless chap was there asking for money, and the anoying thing is, i can never say no (i just feel guilty!) so gave him some money, to his credit he did buy lunch with it, not just alchy like all the rest :D
Went home to watch file, after this was over, tried a bit more to sort out my hosting mess, and played a bit of house music real loud (no one was in y’see!) before taking cheryl back at about 9:20.

Of course, back at cj (clapham junction) couldnt help but go back into mcdonalds :) got ap + ice this time though, wanted summit hot (burger king didn’t have any offers on) and then come back home, to more emails about hosting :(
Decided to just give up, i can sort it all out tomorrow… at least, i hope so! :confused: