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God dammit!

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

I’ve gone and done it again, made the mistake of thinking “oh I see that blade looks a little worn, but I’ll use it anyway” - result, I look like someone has used me as a pin cushion…. doh!

That’s two stupid things in as many days…. I know you are impatient dad, so I will jump straight to it.

So yesterday was the first day back at work, but my Japanese school doesn’t start until next Wednesday, so I stayed up until about 4am talking to Gowry. Actually, thinking about it, that’s quite irrelevant as I still woke up on time, erm, anyway, I’m starting to stray from the point ….

So I wake up at 12 and get on with some work (suddenly I see to have become the busiest I have ever been…), happily typing along until about 2pm when the phone rings:

Me: Hello
Them: Hello Ben, this is Haruna (from work) - I didn’t wake you up?
Me: No, I had just got up :) Haruna: Well happy new year!
Me: Erm, yes, Happy new year!
Haruna: So where are you now?
Me: At home

* Pause *

Haruna: But you start at 2:15 today…..

DOH DOH DOH! I had checked over and over my papers the night before to see if there was a scheduled time change, but couldn’t find one - so was a little confused. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had to dash as fast as I could (including having my shower and getting dressed) to make it to work for the second lesson (3:10).

When I got it, all was explained, Nova had different new year opening times (which were displayed on the board in early December) - but due to it not being a shift swap as such, no paperwork was given out….

Nuts…. the worst thing is, you don’t just lose the money for the lesson missed, but also another 2!!! So I had to work 4 lessons, but only got paid for 2 :( :eek:

Anyway, so dad that was the stupid thing I did that I told you in the email.

The plus side of starting early of course means you finish early (woot!) - 6:30 to be precise (though I had to stay until 7 to wait for Yumi), I passed the time by sleeping on the desk :D
Over here, McDonalds seem to release a new burger every week, and this one was no exception. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it has big mushrooms in it…. ah, so nice, the sauce is rather pleasant too :)
Tonite was also special in the fact everyone was home, and Yumi was coming around so Seiko and Shiho cooked some very nice chicken and a big salad. For people that like green vegetables, you should come here… You won’t believe the “greeness” of them, they look soooo fresh. For example, the brocolli is not dull like English brocolli, but all nice (and almost fake) looking…

I’ll get a photo next time I have the chance.

The rest of the night I spend working on my new business venture. A fantastic offer came up the other day on a new server (and we are talking TOO good to miss) which I just had to snap up. Thus all night was spent getting it ready for use by the general public.

I hear a load of you shouting “but he hasn’t got any money” - well yes, but this is 1) on credit card :p and 2) will be making profit within the next 2 weeks!!!! Basically, it involves splitting this new server up into 8 parts and putting them out for silly money, just to sell them. Whilst this might not seem like the best way to make money, after 2 sales the server is already in profit!!! Sell all 8 blocks and this server pays for itself AND the main server!!! I thank you ;)
Also makes the company look good, we’re up to 3 now - I wonder how long until the next one comes along. There’s another idea I’ve got brewing, which will require some pretty heavy promotion in the UK when I get back, but then, I will have enough free time :D
Speaking of which, I only have a bit left until work and I need to finish securing a few things….. tonite I think will be uneventful, but due to me working Sunday, Friday night is going to be my weekly night out!!!

Now, off to get some new razor blades :D