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Mini toilet!

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Isn’t this cute - in Da’an park - a super small size toilet for the kids, with the full size one to the left of it.

Mini Toilet

Yes indeed, even the door has this marked as a “Family Toilet Room” - so now you can have the unique bonding experience with your children of taking a dump together …. lovely.

My house

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Well everyone has been asking about where I live, so I thought I’d make a quick post just to let you see my new house (I can’t write loads as I’ve got too much else to do - and people will shout at me if I stop) … haha …

Anyway - so I now live with 2 mexicans (Victor and Jorge - both great guys, which is cool :)) in a 14th floor apartment located in the Da’an district of Taipei, Taiwan. How did I get here? Well that’s a story for another time … ;)

Here is the Googlemap link for people who *really* want to know where it is ;)

So here it is, the new Maison Griffiths … (click a picture to make it bigger)

My House

Which up from the balcony gives you the following views:

My house: Balcony My house: Balcony

Coming in the front door takes you straight into the lounge

My house: Lounge My house: Lounge

Upstairs is the kitchen and the only fully working bathroom

My house: Kitchen My house: Bathroom 1

Downstairs there is another bathroom, but none of the hot taps work, so it’s only really good for cleaning your teeth and going to the loo.

My house: Bathroom 2

Then the best room of all, my room :) Complete with new bed covers (woo!) and Ikea furniture … hurrah!

My house: My room My house: My room My house: My bed

So there you go - the conditions I am currently in. When I get a bit more time, I’ll fix the gallery and go and take some photos of the local area - including the kick ass park just over the road!