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so i finally have a pen pal… woo hoo!

Saturday, May 27th, 2000

Quite a bit happened tonite actually…

Firstly, Lineone accepted me onto their service, so am now surfing for phree 24/7 at a fast speed, much better than that crap btinternet. AND there don’t seem to be a cut off time :) WOO HOO! :D
Secondly, as i said, just met a really nice girl on irc called Martika from Spain. Have agreed to help her with her english, i like being useful. Talked to her for a few hours was actually really interesting…. :thumbup:

Got absolutely soaked in the damn rain, mis judged the amount coming out the sky and got all over me :( got home ok though, just needed to stand in from of the radiator for a few hours!!!

Maybe later I’ll try on this thong thingy zak got from the show, man i’ll look like a right twat :)
anyway, it’s late, i’m knackered and need to get into bed and off this infernal machine and into bed with the tv (well not with it obviously!!)

gotta get up not too late tomorrow to go and pay for my holiday, wooo hhoo we’re going to ibiza! better set an alarm or summit…. so long.