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so, my first correct bet :)

Monday, June 12th, 2000

YES! holland beat the czech republic (admittely only just) and this means i win £3.33 :D Yeah, not a lot I know, but now i can put it all on england tomorrow and win back (well hopefully) £10 on top! hurrah!

So, what have I been doing then, seeing as I haven’t posted since friday.

Well, friday night, hmmm, what did happen, ah yes, I went to see Gary (me old mate) and was dead suprised when his family actually remembered me! Which was really good, nice to see him again. I originally went round to fix his computer, but the motherboard was gone, so had to spend 2 hours, yes TWO WHOLE HOURS on the phone to tech support before they would admit this and come replace it :(
Anyway, after this we played a bit of Super Smash Bros, a most excellent game on the n64, using his, what can only be described as MAMOUTH 36″ dolby tv :) he has a nice stereo as well, some souped up kenwood thing with dolby (naturally ;))

Saturday, hmmm, got up late I seem to remember, processed some new accounts (money is rooooolling in :D) and rang up mr james. unfortunately, he wasn’t going out (although i kinda already knew this) so i had to try and persuade cheryl to go to x-static… would she, nope :( He promises he will be out next week end though, hurrah! :)
Went round cheryls and played quite a bit of catch and stuff in the garden with marc, until mrs m got all angry, so we got scared and hid :) (well, just until she’d gone :D) but mainly it was a lazy day. Went home late waving me arms around and stuff to the tunez on me md :lol:

Today was even more relaxed! Woke up at about 10:30, sleep again until 11:00, tv until 11:30, power cut out so shower wouldn’t work so more tv until about 12:50!! FInally got a shower (our shower generator needs electricity you see, and with dad constantly doing electric things, it keeps tripping :D) at about 1:00 :(
Went to Merton Abbey Mills to get some lunch (it is SOOOO worth it) which was really nice, food was absolutely pukka, some chicked stuff with lemon and soy sauce :)
Was really tired though, and we didn’t stay long, so i went over to cheryl’s to watch the football. However it seemed like i wouldn’t be there long as she got in a strop about me eyeing up some women at merton (but they were very nice :D ;)), this things gonna take time :(
Made peace a bit later, but i still think that now we split, i should be able to look, yeah, i still love her and everything (which she doesn’t believe :() but there are pretty women just begging to be looked at ;)
Anywayz, football was good (hurrah!) and went on until about 9:45, which was when i had to leave, get a burger from the petrol station and walk home…..

here now, had shower and ready to go to beddie byez :)
nite nite, lets hope tomorrow i can win even more :D