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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

Posted by Justin

Day started off cloudy and pretty miserable. To top it off, the exchange rate is hitting bottom… ARGH I pray it’ll shoot back up again!!!

Decided to go to Shibuya, 3 stops from our station.

!!!Organised Chaos!!!

thousands of people at that famous junction crossing waiting for that green light. Such a sight, we stood there watching for ages.

Had lunch at a noodle bar just round the corner from the junction. I’m now a lot more confident to order ‘collet cotdosai’ can’t spell it.

rain soon started to piss down like cats and dogs and i needed to find a jacket, but strangely, it was still fairly warm so i settled with an umbrella from HMV. All shops put out an umbrella cover dispenser outside - nice dry floors inside.

It was the launch of Utada’s new Album, not very interesting as it features all her number ones which I already have (I’m trying so hard to find her LP’s if they are out) but all through the streets you hear her tunes from ghetto blasters.
I was in HMV for ages, the atmosphere is so different. I can’t explain.
On the third or forth floor of the building is the Shibuya radio station where you can watch the DJ’s live from the sound proof window.

We soon lost each other - luckily I had my phone, ben took ages to ring it though :P

The rain got ridiciously powerful! haha so we kept running into arcade joints. Drains your cash… but so much fun!!!
I need to stop!

Got back to Sendagaya around 10ish but too wet to do anything at night.

i seriously need to get a haircut :(

Thursday, June 29th, 2000

Not cause it’s too long or anything (it isnt very long at all) but it just feels so nasty on my skin. I’ve always had that complaint :(
Well today, what can be said, after the action packed yesterday, it was gonna be hard to beat that, and indeed it was, today was one of the most BORING days i have ever had :(
All i seem to have done each minute it constantly check my email or read the forums over and over again. I crave for more inetfx mail :(
One thing i did get more done with was oliver computer (remember i said i was doing it for the nokia), although i couln’t complete it as he didn’t give me his graphics card drivers.

So, lunch was a mserable affair sat in the network office, then to the cafe for an extra hour lunch where i had two slices of toast :) before back again to bore myself stupid :rolleyes:
ANyway, due to Cisco being yesterday (although i didn’t go) i decided to eat at my nans, which was actually really good as i ain’t been around there for a wednesday lunch since about november last year!!! As usual, grandad was playing the fool, although it was actually quite amusing.

One thing which was funny though: he has problems with his lungs (i think) which means he cannot eat a lot of salt. Now grandad was never one to follow orders, so shakes loads of it on any and i mean ANY meal. Of course this is bad for him, but he just don’t care.

Now, the funny thing is…. the salt cellar has been blocked for ages :D but he just hasn’t noticed so happily shakes away, meaning he will eat his food :lol: hehehehehe….

So i guess you could say i quite liked it around there, and when i got home there was even more good news. Cause i got a barclaycard, they have sent me this little free organiser :) and if i refer someone, i get a £10 m+s voucher… Mrs M… ? :D
So, the france portugal match eh? very controversual ending, although you can see it was a handball, man, when france won they kept like showing replays of the match… sod that! i want to see the portugese fans attacking the linesman :D
Oh, and tomorrow HMV have this massive sale on, the Godfather Trilogy is down from £45 to £5 so i am sending Tom up early to try and buy it for me :) hehehe :lol:

Well, now i must be off to enter my clients details into my new databank, so i can show it off tomorrow…. woop woop!