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sitting waiting for gow….

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2001

i know, i know, i ain’t posted for a while (fri i think, but the date showed as sat) so its a whole weekend to report on, hmmmm, will be quite difficult as my mind is fucked :eek:
Ok, well, as you know, Gowry is staying over, which means its kinda hard to get out of bed in the mornings…. afternoons…. etc etc :openmouth: but on sat we did eventually and go down cj to do relationship type things (not that! :P) and eat.

Hmmm, got home i think cause we had to go out meet everyone in wandsworth, but the fecking hot water would not come on, meaning it was getting later and later. like, had a little, erm, ‘discussion’ causing gow to go for a walk :rolleyes: and by the time she had got back, although the water was on, it was too late. so we just watched tv and then went to bed.

Sunday had to get up for gowry to go look at cars with her mum, but she didn’t want to so stayed asleep, going to go out, but erm, fell into the staying in bed trap again.

When finally did get up, cheryl rang (or did i ring her?) to report on a shooting that had happened in wandsworth and that they had shut the roads! :eek: ah, nah, it was via msn, i rang later so we couldnt have gone anyway (neither would gowry have got home to do the car thing).

Had scrambled eggs on pasta for lunch, which i prepared whilst gow decided to practise her dj’ing :D which was obviously crap :) however, put it rite after lunch by spinning some pretty cool mixes even though it was r’n'b/garage ish :)
Speaking of which, the mixing is getting pretty good now, in fact sometimes its just blinding!

i am dj apex, bow to me :) :cool:
10 pieces of chicked from kfc for dinner, mmmmm, some of it is still in the fridge :D and then listened to blackadder for us to doze off :)
This morning, work and gows course, same story, got up at 3/4 ish :rolleyes: she went home to get stuff, and i have been writting my billing system, its okish now, works just a bit bland :)
Oh, gotta go get tom at 7ish on firday for some important exam, hmmm, perhaps i need to do a workaround for that! hahahahaha :rolleyes:
gow should be here in an hour, so i better be off to get ready, so long……