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today was okay ;)

Thursday, May 25th, 2000

Whew! What a day, i can’t say there was much work to do, but I was dreading having to look after some of the year 7’s, luckily it never had to happen. :)
Nah, did some video conferencing with Spain, the sound is sooo, dodgy, but yolanda is well pleased with it, so thats good :cool:.

Cisco wasn’t on :P but only found out after I had shelled out for my dinner, so was a bit annoyed about that, i need the money, anyway, then got TOTALLY soaked on the way home, with flippin’ bike spray up me back :(
Whoah, this tune I am listening to is sooooo cool, Speechless by Pedro & Benno a most excellent track, got it here on ’21st Century Trance’ only cost £9.99 at Ourprice, woo hoo!

Can’t write too much now, as I’ll just bore you :eek: so i’ll be orf, but back regular whenever anything interesting happens!