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just returned from ‘frantic’ boy am i tired :)

Sunday, July 2nd, 2000

Well, funnily enough, not really, you would think so seeing as i haven;t slept for nearly 24 hours now.

So, how did it go, well i left at 11:00 last nite to head up to camden palace to go to ‘frantic’ a seriously hard house night. Got up there by 11:45 and went to Sainsburys to get some Smints, then quick stop at the glowstick bloke before skipping the whole queue and getting in.

So then, how was it. Well, it was a lot different to all the other nites i have been too, extremely hard house, which was ok, but when you get tired it gets annoying, which i did.

So i was sitting there for quite a while wishing i hadn’t come, but when i started to wake up i felt so much better and liked being there :)
Funny thing happened whilst i was almost sleepin’, a girl come up to me and started rubbing me on the back of the head saying ‘are you alrite’ and kept looking at me :D I kept saying, yeah i am just tired, but she kept rubbing my head… everyone thought i had pulled (partly including me actually) but i was way too tired to really think about that.

The evening then, well £12 to get in £4 for glowsticks and £4 travel (oh and £1 for the smints) out of 10, hmmm, 7 (9 when i was awake).

Afterwards (it finished at 6) we all walked down to Euston station to get some coffee, cause the trains don’t start until about 7:20, so we sat on the floor just chatting.

Come home just after that and here i am!! ALthough, i will now leave, cause i wave of tiredness has just hit me :) So long party people! :D :eek: