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eyes hurt, brain hurts, but very happy :)

Tuesday, July 4th, 2000

yes! you did read the top bar correctly :) I DID SOME WORK! AND I EVEN WORKED QUITE HARD!! :D
You see, now that the college have got a replacement for next year (and although he is a really great bloke) i now realise i must start putting more effort into my remaining time there.

Now, my master plan is simple, install as many crucial systems as possible, making them so complicated only i understand how they work :) meaning they HAVE to employ me, hahahahaha!

So today, well, morning stuff was just pissing about, but after 12′o’clock i set to work, to convert the iMAIL system to be internet based.

After printing off all the documentation, i must admit i was really daunted on how i was ever going to do this, it was going to take longer than i thought :( However, things were made a lot simpler when i realised most of the commands were already entered in the default templates, so i just needed to make a few modifications and get the look a LOT better :D
Anyway, 3 1/2 hours and 350(ish) files modified/written later, i almost had my finished product. Now i need to iron out a few bugs and get a better ‘generic’ look (which i’ll submit for the imail gallery) and then make it a lost more ADT’y, if you try within the next week or so (probably shorter) you can test it out… login as TEST:TEST and tell me what you think!

This is good, as hopefully i can make it a bit more complicated so no one else understands it which will DEFINATELLY get more the job here next year, now just how to work out which domains the students will get, perhaps, it looks ok(ish!!) :D
Yeah man, it supports everything (oh but incoming don#t yet work :D) autoresponders, the lot!

After college, went around to cheryl’s to chill until my food was ready, so was basically sitting on the sofa the whole time until….

mrs m shouts something from the kitchen, so we go down to see whats up, ‘there’s something in the rice packet!!!’ she says, so me and marc carefully open it up… it fucking stinks, some massive black squashy thing with what looks like sick in it :( this is microwave rice remember :( eurgh! It stinks to high heaven and almost makes me throw…

So its off to Sainsburys to take it back, they say they will analyse it… hmmm, i bet its a dead possum or summit :( gengar has been hungry recently :D :lol:

I am really trying to cut down on my computing time now, my head hurts and i’m tired… hmph, never mind, more email to work on tomorrow! woo hoo! i luv work, yeah, but only somtimes ;)