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its getting better…. just :)

Monday, September 10th, 2001

well, i’m sure you are all dying to know how everything has been getting on for the week we’ve been here…

well, we’ve had a lot of thunder storms and lightning, and then a massive power cut which took out the whole of san an (we saw everything across the bay just shutting down!) and we were wondering for a while whether it would ever get better!

it has now though and its nice and sunny… :) oh zak, btw, i havent had time to mail you personally, but cause you read this i thought you would be ok :)

heres me and gow in the cafe, “hello!”

Spaced Camshot @ Plastic Fantasic

jamie arrived on monday, and we saw him for a bit (read, little bit) and have met up once more (friday) which was nice, got a bit drunk etc :D

thursday was gowrys day, so we went to twiceasnice in es paradis. now, i was a bit apprehensive cause i don’t really go for that sorta music (garage and rnb) but was determinded to make an effort for her :)

however, it was great, they had dane bowers doing a live set, and this great black bloke with a bald head that was really quite good! (although they did over use ’spinback’ and sometimes kept stopping the musak part way thru, although gowry tells me this is ‘good’ and should be appreciated :)) so that was quite a good nite.

then friday was my turn, and to make up for sat (dp) we were going to xtravanagza (cause blank and jones were there) at privilege. we had a few doubts (cause they weren’t advertised) but thought it would be ok.

privilege itself is the worlds largest club and it really shows. its got loads of seating (woo hoo!) although the dance floors ain’t really that big. and the sound system… eden was bad, privilege was worse. though the place was so nice that we forgave that. until we realised the music was just as crap too. blank and jones weren’t there, and it was instead of a ‘trancy’ night, a ‘progressive’ night, which i hate… although gowry claims she thought it was ok.

so it was more of a bad mood starter for me (i had already lost £20 somewhere :() and i winged a lot (As gowry kept pointing out! :P) but i did hate it :(

so i’m now disheartened about clubs, though it would be nice to find one that was good, so i could say ibiza clubbing was fun. ironically, jamie has been to a load of different ones to us, and from what he describes, and know i likes, i would have loved them, so perhaps its just a case of being very unlucky :)

last night we thought, drink, that will be more fun, and yes it was! we had a really nice dinner from the indian/chinese place (which was huuuuuuuuuuge!) and then just drunk some more!

tonite we’re here in san an, probably gonna eat in a minute, then drink drunk drink, perhaps stopping off at simples or nightlife before we go home. (although j/jules was at eden tonite, i didn’t want to risk it, especially as i don;t like the place, and gowry has very kindly offered to come when we get back to england) so things are looking up :) woo hoo, althoguh she has now just denied she ever said it…. hmmmmmm…..

we’re maybe going to the water park tomorrow, if we get up early enough (today we were lucky to get clean sheets atall, 3 days withough :( eugrh!)

and then we;ll see what happens for the rest (of course i’ll report here :))