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what a wicked day!

Saturday, May 19th, 2001

today has been cool, got loads done and, well i’ll tell you later on.

Had to get up to go airport to take family away to greece (i think :D) but it was ok, cause they wanted me up at 9, and i had gone to bed early cause i cant talk to gow anymore cause she ain’t paid her bill.

So like, that was pretty uneventful cause it was just a straight drive there, but i did notice that the wheels on the car are fucked as they were shaking like crazy, hopefully though the new alloys will solve that.

Got back around 12:45 and went to pick up cheryl (who was comig round to hear me christen my new headphones) she was asleep, so tickled her until she got out of bed :)
Came round and OH MY GOD, the headphones (sony mdr-v700j) are the ABSOLUTE BOMB! they are so clear and the mixing just went SO WELL! itr made me so glad i started it, as each mix was just flowing and it was in time and I ROCKED!

Sorted out some new photos for this site after b4 taking cheryl back home and going to the post office to collect a parcel for mum (shame she just missed it huh).

gowry who was supposed to have left at around 6, still had not arrived by like many hours later, so i just sat on the sofa watching the tv.

It turns out she hadn’t been able to go out for the day at all as shima’s car had broken down and they just stood by it all day :)
oh! reminds me, MTV have this kewl features called SMS vote or summat, they put two videos head to head and you have to sms your votes. then you can send messages also and they appear on the screen, its cool!

anyways, gowry arrived eventually with my replacement record (the 6th one!) but it still had the same damn problem :( cant be arsed to go into it. so like, now shes here and in bed cause shes little and doesn’t have much energy :)
hehehehehe… anyway, shower awaits, anything i forgot i;ll report tomorrow :) LAAAATTTEEEERRRZZZZZ!