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i know i haven’t written for a week, so sue me :P

Sunday, June 18th, 2000

Heya there people, I’m sorry I haven;t been posting so regular, just been getting too tired and not feeling like doing it so much, am thinking i am no good at this kinda stuff any more, but i must start getting back into it :)
OK, i’ll try to write what happened each day, just to try and give you my weekly picture…. :eek:
Hmmm, a week ago almost, sugar, hard to remember. Well, i must have done something, but i’ll be damned if i can remember just what… hahahahaha!

Ah, today was the day we decided to convert to using a DHCP server instead of manually giving out IP address’s to each computer. Spent quite a bit of the day investigating into which one would be the best (it only turned out later that Windows NT has one built in… doh!) but eventually plonked for one by Vicomsoft. Was fascinated by how it worked, so my day at work went quite quickly, then work ended…..

Marc finished maybe his last ever day at school today, so we decided to celebrate (cause mrs m was out) with a bit of a drinking competition, with (as usual) cheryl deciding not to participate. Things were actually going pretty well for a 15 year old and a 19 year old with no food, but it actually turned pretty nasty when we both started to feel ill, and ended up with marc in bed and me wrapped around the toilet :)
I don’t remember too much, but i do know mrs m was dead angry when she came in, and insisted i go home, which i did (admittedly 40 mins later :P). Cheryl says me and marc were all saying we loved each other and stuff, i dunno, i cannot remember :) ANyway, dad picked me up, and i pretty much fell asleep after a 40 MIN (hehehe, soo sloooow) shower when i got home.

Feeling pretty awful from night before, but had to eat a biscuit in the morning so i could take tablets :( Had left bike at cheryls, so had to get the bus in. Late, (but then what did you expect) and wasn’t feeling too good when i finally did get in.

Zak decided the dhcp server was great and sent of the purchase order to register it, the key arrived, as did the new version via email. Which was great, except it didn’t work, it just kept crashing all the machines. :(
Worked on it for the rest of the day (even late for cisco) problem was NT takes soo long to reboot, it just slows everything down. Finally sorted it by removing the software and installing one by a different company :D
Mark Reid (from centerprise) took us all out for lunch, which i (somehow) managed to eat, so that saved me a few quid, woo hoo!

Cisco was ok, had to do exams, so cheated and got 100% :D
Got in to the nice suprise that the dhcp server was actually working (woo hoo :)) and got onto the phone to tctrust to get some ip’s unfiltered (so we can all surf the porn sites :D JOKE!!! :P) This will be done soon, so i am happy, even better though, is we can now run a webserver from college, meaning i can move my hosting over, hahahah, like that would work :) Nothing much else to report.

Nothing much in the morning, just going around finding all the machines to change their ip addresses, and pretty much nothing else up to lunch. After lunch i had to go down to PoundLand to buy new headphones for the IT dept (hahah, don’t you dare laugh!) two ducks from mcd’s for zak (well armaan really) and a box of choc’s for avril (from christine), oh and to pay my cheques into the bank!

Got back and had to get straight to work on the new computers to be sorted by the end of the day (4:45). However, Derrick got frustrated when they weren’t done in time, and basically just went home?!? Zak and I were there until 7pm making sure they were all ok for the big cisco conf this monday. He wasn’t very happy, but i guess we’ll see what happens on monday :D (the derrick thing i mean).

Ahh today (well just a bit of yesterday) got woken up at 10 by dad doing diy next door, i am getting really pissed off by this, i can never lie in on the w/e and am feeling rottern all day. However, finally got out at around 4 (after watching muchos tv :D) to go and take marcs airgun back. Aparently it just needed a clean though, so we went off down c/j to get dads fathers day present for tomorrow (oh and his card also) before going back to cheryls.

Ordered a chinese (sorry wilbur, not yours!!) and settled down to watch the England vs Germany match (england hadn’t won for 34 years in a competition match v them) and guess what…..

WE WON!!!!!!

Hurrah! Except i forgot to put the bet on (again) so didnt advance my winnings :D Watched a bit more tv after this and then walked home.

Actually a load more happened today, but i am really REALLY tired now and just want to go to bed, i’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Just been told i need to be up by 12… bollox :(
ANyway, i’ll be more awake tomorrow, so c u then! :D :)
Signing out…… eof… coolfusion

sleep, films, tv, sleep…. my life!

Tuesday, May 30th, 2000

Got a bit carried away last night watching the tv, and didn’t lay my little head to rest until about 4am :) however, this did prove that those lightsticks were 12hours, as they were still lighting up the room even then!!

Woke up around 11:45ish but didn’t get up until way later as there was a marathon session of pikachu (pokemon) on :D, yeah i know i’m a bit old for that, but its just a cool show :)
Turmoil when i did get up though, one of my domains has stopped working, well, been terminated as it (APARENTLY) went over 3gig of bandwidth traffic in ONE DAY?! and another has just stopped working for no aparent reason. rang the providers. but their phone line has been discontinued or summit :angry:

To get over this, met up with cheryl and rented out ANOTHER dvd! i still have all these vouchers you see, ‘Analyse This’, which was actually quite a good film, watched this whilst eating a very nice roast dinner (Well done mum :))

Also went to MCD’s to get one of those new McFlurry things (yeah i had also got one last nite, but they are soo nice :)) which is basically icecream with smarties, but put in a like mincing machine so it grinds it all together. The c/j homeless chap was there asking for money, and the anoying thing is, i can never say no (i just feel guilty!) so gave him some money, to his credit he did buy lunch with it, not just alchy like all the rest :D
Went home to watch file, after this was over, tried a bit more to sort out my hosting mess, and played a bit of house music real loud (no one was in y’see!) before taking cheryl back at about 9:20.

Of course, back at cj (clapham junction) couldnt help but go back into mcdonalds :) got ap + ice this time though, wanted summit hot (burger king didn’t have any offers on) and then come back home, to more emails about hosting :(
Decided to just give up, i can sort it all out tomorrow… at least, i hope so! :confused: